For behavioral treatment centers, serving patients has never been so challenging

From increasing regulation to the growing complexity of patient care, treatment centers and their clinicians have more demands than ever before. With more and more paperwork, a historic spike in addiction, increasingly complex treatment, a demand for greater outcomes – and all with less revenue. No wonder treatment centers are telling us their to-do lists are becoming endless.
Insurers have ratcheted up documentation requirements
America’s addiction problem has intensified
Demand for behavioral health treatment is ballooning

How Kipu Health Helps Behavioral Health Treatment Centers

Built for the behavioral health community, by behavioral health experts, our single, software-based solution delivers tangible savings of time and money. Your treatment center enjoys a single solution that is proven to get results in the world of behavioral care.
“Kipu delivers a rare mix of high-tech and high-touch through their EMR solution. It's a great feeling to know we can count on Kipu for support and partnership as we work to respond to the growing behavioral health needs in our communities.”
Alec Green
Managing Director, Sanford House

A Better Path to Better Behavioral Healthcare

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