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Billing and collecting revenue for behavioral health services is complex, and so are all of the workflows behind it. From pre-admission to post-discharge, Kipu RCM, powered by Avea Solutions, embeds the necessary workflows and payer requirements along each step of the patient journey to ensure claims are submitted and paid as accurately and quickly as possible. Liberate your behavioral health billing teams from the burden of manual processes and tedious task that slow them down with addiction treatment billing software that offers automation with a powerful claim rules engines to increase cash flow.

By integrating with Kipu EMR, teams save time and reduce human-error by pushing patient demographics and charges seamlessly to the billing software with one click.
Automate, manage and track Utilization Review with ease
Capture more revenue with increased authorizations at higher levels of care
Simple and easy automated claim creation, submission, and follow-up
Built-in rules engine with payer requirements to ensure clean claims that get paid faster
Intelligent and automated payment posting to alert billing teams for review
Speed up and improve patient collections with one, easy-to-use system

Product Features

Built for Behavioral Health

Designed specifically to mirror the typical patient journey from pre-admission to post-discharge, yet flexible enough to adjust to your unique processes, every staff member is guided to push workflows forward effortlessly and capture information needed to ensure clean claims and maximum reimbursements. From patient intake to benefit verification, across every Utilization Review, marking attendance and getting claims out the door, working denials and collecting payment – we’ve got you covered.

Do More With Less

Kipu RCM takes the guesswork out of what needs to get done across departments, how to set priorities, and measure performance. Our intelligent management dashboards make it easy to oversee it all so you can identify issues and act on solutions quickly. Personal dashboards prioritize workloads and alert teams of critical issues – showing them where to focus their attention first, and allowing them to drill down to work fast so nothing slips through the cracks, and eliminate the need to hire additional billing staff.
“Kipu RCM, powered by Avea Solutions, is incredibly user-friendly, intuitive and clearly designed for behavioral health needs. Compared to other software systems I've used, I now have an extra 15 hours back in my schedule each week, allowing us to spend more time focusing on getting authorizations and claims paid. And, I have visibility into my business and am able to make informed, data-driven decisions.”
Rodney Zimmers
Co-Founder, Blueprints for Recovery & CEO at Transparent Billing
“Our initial experience with Kipu RCM, powered by Avea, has been amazing! We were able to double our revenue from March to April 2022 and I attribute much of this to the Avea software.”
Brent DeMille
Executive Director/UM Director/Clinic Director, Second Chances of Southern Utah

Gain More Operational Control

Continuous industry changes, new payer rules, declining reimbursements, tighter margins. The stakes are high, making oversight and accountability crucial. Stop looking back at the end of the month wondering what happened to your cash flow. Kipu RCM brings peace of mind to your business operations by giving real-time visibility into every aspect of your revenue cycle with actionable intelligence so you can catch and fix problems before they cost you.

Other Kipu RCM Capability Spotlights

  • Verification of Benefits Dashboard alerts and real-time eligibility checks are integrated into the VOB workflow. Upon verification, coverage details import directly into the Kipu RCM system.
  • Claim Creation & Submission Designed with behavioral health billing requirements, automated claims are billed correctly preventing common under billing scenarios. You can preview claims and be alerted to miss or erroneous information that will cause denials and prevent payments.
  • Payment Posting Eliminate time-consuming manual posting efforts with an automated payment posting engine that intelligently applies payments including adjustments, co-pays, and co-insurance. Payment issues are detected and flagged, with automated notifications to the billing team for review.
  • Utilization Review Work Center Receive alerts when new, incomplete or expired utilization reviews need to be worked. Create UR plans, track authorizations, and alert case managers when follow up is needed.
  • Claim Follow Up Quickly work through overdue claims with dashboard alerts. Claims can be sorted and grouped by payer, patient or team members, as well as bulk updated and assigned.
  • Patient Billing Manage all your patient billing and collection needs from creating payment plans, to accepting payments and quickly generating patient statements.

Make data-driven decisions with intelligent reports

With a deep understanding of what you need to know to make your business tick, we provide over a dozen reports right out-of-the-box that highlight strengths and pinpoint weaknesses to make decisions backed by data.

Visibility, Insight and Actionable Data

Reporting dashboards put critical metrics at your fingertips so you can make informed decisions and identify trends and potential issues that could impact cash flow and revenue. With Kipu Business Intelligence, you can run a library of reports designed for managing behavioral health facilities and easily export the data.
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