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relationship management
(CRM) software


Kipu CRM is the bridge between patients and your clinic or treatment center. With a deep understanding of the complexities, workflows, and needs you are faced with—Kipu CRM effectively manages referrals, boosts marketing efforts, and streamlines admission processes. Combining Kipu CRM with Kipu EMR allows your business to benefit from a single platform that maximizes results while eliminating redundancies and errors.
Conduct and track patient outreach
Create patient profiles for tailored outreach
Identify and nurture referral sources
Keep in touch with patients post discharge
Measure marketing campaigns

Product Features

Pre-admission Screening is Painless

Admission teams can run lean and mean by having a central place to manage pipeline and opportunity—from a prospective patient, to admitted patient, all the way through discharge and into alumni status.
  • Customize assessments and data collection
  • Develop user-specific work arenas
  • Create event-triggered notifications to stay up-to-date on tasks

Manage Referrals and Alumni Like a Pro

Easily and quickly track how referrals and alumni outreach are performing so you can nurture underperforming lead sources and gain insight on what’s in the pipeline and build strong client loyalty. Rev up marketing campaigns by integrating marketing applications used by your business and benefit from dynamic lists that update with EMR data, allowing you to target the right audience based on your objectives.
  • Utilize source-code tracking for advertising, social media, referrals, campaigns and more
  • Leverage third-party integrations with call tracking vendors, email providers, Google Analytics and SMS text providers


“Kipu CRM is super easy to use and customize. We can see where patients are coming from, how they are getting to us, where referrals are coming from, and if referrals are appropriate for us. We can manage all our campaigns and determine how effective they are. With Kipu CRM we are able to know where to spend our time and direct our activity to the right place. You guys have thought of a lot.”
Webster Bailey
Executive Director of Business Development and Marketing, Cornerstone of Recovery

Ready Day One

Upgrade to a CRM made specifically for your industry. Because Kipu CRM is tailored to the workflows and needs associated with behavioral health and addiction treatment—you can safely ditch the costly consulting fees and frustration of trying to make a general CRM or spreadsheet cater to your workflows.
  • Real-time data exchange with Kipu EMR, eliminating double data entry and reducing human error
  • Patient information in the CRM flows directly to your Kipu EMR saving your staff time and resource

Other Kipu CRM Capability Spotlights

  • Appointment Calendar Identify slow or busy days and adjust appointments accordingly by leveraging color codes and filtering capabilities.
  • Opportunity Progress Bar Instantly prioritize your opportunities by pinpointing how much progress has been made with a client from initial contact through admission and every step in between.
  • Intelligent Inbound Call Management Accurately route inbound calls to the right team eliminating confusion while protecting sensitive data and reinforcing HIPAA compliance.
  • Training and Support Receive training, service, and support for your CRM needs with our friendly client success team.

Make data-driven decisions with intelligent reports

With a deep understanding of what you need to know to make your business tick, we provide over a dozen reports right out-of-the-box that highlight strengths and pinpoint weaknesses to make decisions backed by data.

Lead Analysis Report

Quickly see which leads are assigned, the status of each prospect, and whether the number of opportunities accepted or declined.

Referral Activity

At a glance, identify treatment opportunities by referral source, and review communication logs with referral sources.

Call Queue Progression

Set up with a call tracking provider, you can effectively measure the productivity of your team by analyzing benchmarks including number of verification-of-benefits initiated and converted to opportunities.
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