Streamline Clinical Workflows
to Enhance Patient Care

Leverage the Kipu software suite to save time so you
can get back to helping patients.

Customize Documentation to Save Time

Providers have a demanding job and documentation, while important to keep accurate patient records and bill out properly, is usually dreaded and even done after hours. It’s frustrating to document in a way that doesn’t follow your workflow which is why we created highly-customizable documentation to match how you work—not make you match how a software was designed. That means you can focus on patient care and document at the point-of-care.

Treatment Plans Made Easy

Construct customized treatment plans with customizable content and then tie in additional documentation from group sessions and evaluations. Providers get a full picture of the episode of care and save time by quickly tying the services and action rendered back to the patient goals, problems, and objectives with a click.

Manage From a Prospective Patient Through Discharged Patient—and Beyond

The Kipu platform allows you to truly manage from a prospective patient, collecting vital information to understand benefits, to a patient booked (we even allow you book beds in the CRM based on availability from the EMR), all the way through discharge and alumni status. You won’t need to re-enter any information from the CRM to EMR since it’s a single platform, meaning you have everything you need to hit the ground running.

Communicate with the Entire Care Team and Patients

Cross-functional communication not only makes it easier for care teams to do their job but results in higher-quality care with every team member on the same page from admissions to providers to billers and everyone else in between. Configurable notifications and pop-ups are a breeze to setup in-app. Patients and guarantors can also electronically communicate with the care team through a secured portal.

Handle Lab Orders Full Circle in a Single System

Lab orders are commonplace in many facilities and often are needlessly cumbersome with multiple systems. You probably have even thought, “there has to be a better way!”. That’s where our lab integration comes in; allowing you to place orders and get results directing in the EMR. Save time with Statements of Medical Necessity required by most payer, gain insights, and better identify which patients need help in addition to expediting results.

A Better Path to Better Behavioral Healthcare

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