In early 2011 The Right Place Residential Detox contracted a study of existing electronic health record (EHR) systems to move their operation from paper records to an electronic platform. It turned out that none of the existing systems fulfilled the criteria of The Right Place Residential Detox:

Patient Intake
Before Kipu: 1 hour
With Kipu: 15-20 minutes

Initial Evaluations
Before Kipu: 1.5 hours
With Kipu: 30-45 minutes

Doctor’s Review
Before Kipu: 30 minutes
With Kipu: 10-15 minutes

  • Allow the move of their existing forms and workflow to the system
  • Be user-friendly, intuitive and versatile
  • Deploy seamlessly, with no massive staff training requirements
  • Require no dedicated IT staff or support
  • Require no specialized hardware investment
  • Provide the forms, charts, and assessments specific to the substance abuse industry
  • Support automatically recurring forms and assessments
  • Support integrated medical and non-medical (administrative) records
  • Support operations beyond the physical constraints of the office
  • Support the need for different views of the data, at differing levels of access
  • Support the need for simultaneous views of the data, from different locations
  • Support PC’s, tablets, and smart phones
  • Allow for growth, as well as de-escalation during lean times
  • Allow for development and integration of new modules, to cater to other aspects of the operation

The management team at The Right Place Residential Detox was very clear that they did not want to adapt their procedures and methods, which they had developed very consciously over several years, to the available EHR systems. So, they gave us the go-ahead to develop the system they had hoped to find.

The result is Kipu Records.

Today, The Right Place Residential Detox continues to grow and lead in their industry, supported by an electronic records system that responds to their every need and want.

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